Today i went to my school, to get my result...can u imagine how nervous i was for the past 3 days until this morning? i took the exam in Dec last year....this examination is very big n very important to all high school students in my country....this exam is like a 'door' for us to continue our studies in university....if we get a gud result,then we might be offered to a gud university too, means 'gud room'....but if we get a not-so-gud result,then chances to enter such a 'gud room' is small....n i was so happy, cuz my result is way better than wat i expected 3 months ago....n ireally hope i can mantain my academics well too in d, i think, i'm gonna celebrate it with listening to NEWS songs n drooling over their faces on net tonight.....oh,how happy i am right now!!!! =)))))
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oh my,u know what,it's almost three weeks already that i've been waiting for the next soukon episode to be sub by NEX...n i beleive,i'm not the only one who felt like that,others fans out there also gonna feel the same....but well,wat can we do,NEX is busy translating Tegomassu no Uta n soukon is pushed aside for a moment...ok,well,i know this sub thing's job,is not that easy n i know they also have their own lives to take care of we should be grateful,cuz these chosen people are doing this job for free!!! so i guess demanding too much as a fan is definitely not gonna help!! so,the only option that's left is waiting...yup,waiting...the most hate thing to do...but still,hope NEX will be back with subbing soukon again soon... GANBATTE NE!!!
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Hye,i'm new in LJ,so there r much more tht i dunno bout LJ...but i'll try my best to follow LJ as much as i can...
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